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Solar power solutions are widely used in industrial & commercial, utility-scale, and hybrid energy projects.CSUNPOWER helps customers worldwidely reduce carbon emissions and control electricity bills. With rich experiences in PV module manufacturing and projects, CSUNPOWER specializes in providing customized solar solutions based on the specific needs of customers. Our products and solutions have won the trust of worldwide customers.

AJ POWER 12MWp PV Power Project 

System Size:      12MWp

Location:             Hushab, Punjab, Pakistan

System Type:      Ground-mounted

Area:                   183,502m²

Date Completed: December 13, 2017

The project is located in a desert area. The poor geographical conditions and worrying local security situation brings great challenges to the implementation of the project. CSUNPOWER project team overcame all kinds of difficulties and successfully completed the project as scheduled. We verified our ability to develop, build and deliver overseas projects.

AJ project is the first large-scale private solar farm in Pakistan, and also the first large-scale solar power EPC project of CSUNPOWER in Pakistan. It has significant demonstration effect and strategic significance in the local market.


“The project has been done by CSUNPOWER who are our EPC contractor. They have a very positive and competant team, and they completed the project in time in December. They have done a very good job, we trust them, and we must compliment the chairman Mr.Michael and his team for doing this excellent work."

  • Guizhou, China

    100MWp, Ground-Mounted,2017.6

  • Xinjiang, China

    40MWp, Ground-Mounted, 2012.9

  • Jiangxi, China

    6.5MWp, Ground-Mounted, 2012.11

  • Yangzhou, China

    200KWp, Roof-Top, 2017.4

  • Shanghai, China

    3MWp, Roof-Top, 2014.1

  • Anhui, China

    8.7MWp, Roof-Top, 2014.12

  • Nanjing, China


  • Nanjing, China

    10.67MWp, Roof-Top, 2011.12

Location: Guizhou, China

System Size: 100MWp

System Type: Ground-mounted

Date on COD: June, 2017

Location: Xinjiang, China

System Size: 40MWp

System Type: Ground-mounted

Date Completed: 2012.9 

Location: Jiangxi, China

System Size: 6.5MWp

System Type: Ground-mounted

Date Completed: 2012.11

Location: Yangzhou, China

System Size: 200KWp

System Type: Roof-top

Date Completed:2017.4

Location: Shanghai, China

System Size: 3MWp

System Type: Roof-top

Date Completed: 2014.1 

Location: Anhui, China

System Size: 8.7MWp

System Type: Roof-top

Date Completed: 2014.12 

Location: Nanjing, China

System Size: 5MWp

System Type: Roof-top

Date Completed: 2014.7

Location: Nanjing, China

System Size: 10.67MWp

System Type: Roof-top

Date Completed: 2011.12